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Storm Watch 2011

The best/worst thing about being sort of, kind of, maybe somewhere along the path of a hurricane is that every time you turn around someone is telling you to Be Prepared! Which translates in my brain to stock-up! buy lots … Continue reading

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Bathroom tiling

And, now by popular demand…a post about our bathroom. Shush, my mother and David’s mother totally do constitute popular demand. At least on this blog. Anyway, it turns out that we are bad home improvement bloggers because we have apparently … Continue reading

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The $200 bench

Would you pay $200 for this bench? How about this one? I adore West Elm. In fact, if you are looking to buy me present, you could probably just open a West Elm catalog to a random page, close your … Continue reading

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Because everything is better with guns

I just learned that there is a real life magazine called Garden & Gun. Look: David thinks I am insane, but I really want to subscribe. Maybe they discuss things like the best guns to shoot at the squirrels eating … Continue reading

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Home and garden

Our bathroom renovation is about 98% finished. Pictures will follow as soon as we finish the last 2%, which is mostly caulking and cleaning. In the mean time I will be reveling in the very, very nearly done quality of … Continue reading

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Melt down

I had a friend in college who liked to describe things as hottt. Pretty girls, clever t-shirts from the goodwill, that cd you were playing, the lunch menu in the dinning hall, you get the idea. Then he would tell … Continue reading

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Back to the sauna

I’m back in Durham, and I am not so happy about it. The actual temperature is supposed to hover around 100 all week and the humidity is approximately 3000%. It’s gross, which is particularly unfortunate because the garden could really … Continue reading

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