Because everything is better with guns

I just learned that there is a real life magazine called Garden & Gun. Look:

David thinks I am insane, but I really want to subscribe. Maybe they discuss things like the best guns to shoot at the squirrels eating your tomatoes?

I think having Garden & Gun on my coffee table would totally up my Southerner credibility. Don’t you?

Welcome to my humble home. Put up your feet and peruse this lovely magazine. Would you like some pickled okra? Or maybe some sweet tea?

I actually really am about to go make some pickled okra as soon as I publish this post. I don’t think I’d even tried okra until I moved to North Carolina. I hate it when it’s all slimy, but I once had some insanely delicious pickled okra at a party. I am hoping to come close to that.

Sweat tea, though, you will never catch me making. I mean, I would make it for you if you came to visit and wanted a little sugary refreshment. But, personally I just cannot handle it. I had to throw away half a cupcake the other day because it was too sweet.

I’m not sure how this happened to me since I feel quite confident that I once thought cotton candy was the best substance on earth, but there you go. Apparently, I have somehow become one of those people who think that super saturate sugar solutions are just too sweet.

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