Melt down

I had a friend in college who liked to describe things as hottt. Pretty girls, clever t-shirts from the goodwill, that cd you were playing, the lunch menu in the dinning hall, you get the idea. Then he would tell you how many t’s worth of hot. As in, “Your “new” beer stained papasan chair is hott with two t’s.” The more t’s the better.

Durham is hot right now with many, many t’s, but it’s not so much a good thing.  In fact it is so hot that on Wednesday evening all the air conditioning and various other appliances apparently overwhelmed the electrical transformer across the street from us.

The transformer died with a 4th of July worthy shower of sparks and a small grass fire. It was quite dramatic there for a moment. But, no worries, David and another neighbor put out the fire in no time with a couple of fire extinguishers. It was all out by the time the fire department arrived. They looked bored. We went to our favorite wine bar for a few hours, and the power company had a brand new transformer installed by 1am.

The heat has also caused a generalized melt down in my social niceties. What’s the point of make-up when it just melts on contact with the outside world? And, when applying antiperspirant feels like spitting on a wildfire?

Plus, I’ve give up on meals. Not on food. No, just on assembling food into something resembling a balanced meal. Salsa is healthy, right? It’s practically a salad and salads make perfectly good meals, don’t you think?

Judging from my grocery purchases today, I seem to think we should be subsisting on cold Italian charcuterie, fancy cheese, summer fruit, fizzy water and alcohol. While this seems like a perfectly good plan to me, David is still convinced that we should have proper meals with side dishes and plates and shit like that.

My complete refusal to cooperate in meal planning has so far resulted first in David cooking for both of us (we usually make dinner together), then in lots of take out food. I think I am wearing him down though. I suspect that salami and hummus are going to constitute major components of our “dinner” tonight.

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