Back to the sauna

I’m back in Durham, and I am not so happy about it. The actual temperature is supposed to hover around 100 all week and the humidity is approximately 3000%. It’s gross, which is particularly unfortunate because the garden could really use some attention right now.

David watered all of my plants and all of our neighbor’s plants last week while we were both out of town, so that was good. But, the three days of heavy rains we had just before I left town followed by a week of hot, humid weather caused the weeds to explode.

I pulled a heaping wheelbarrow full of weeds from the front garden alone. All that honeysuckle we pulled up in the spring is trying to make a come back and the grass is unimpressed by my edging. Apparently, grass prefers to think of edging as a a suggestion rather than a “boarder.”

Almost all of my squash succumbed to squash bugs while I was away.  They got my squash last year too, so it’s not exactly a surprise, but this year I do have a volunteer pumpkin that is still going strong. Next year, I’ll be looking into some sort of preventative measure. I will grow squash someday, it’s a matter of pride at this point.

Other than that a few of my tomato plants might have some kind of blight or something. One of my three mortgage lifters and the persimmon tomatoes seem to be slowly dying from the top down and the Juliet has a bunch of crispy looking leaved at the bottom.

Mostly the garden is going strong, but the unrelenting heat and lack of any sort of regular rain is making everything look a bit limp and pathetic. Next year I think need to plant something that will look good in this heat. I’ve been seeing some nice looking black eyed susans, and one of my neighbors has some spectacular orange poppies.

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