Azure skies

I am visiting my sister in St. George, Utah this week while she recovers from her recent surgery. Mostly I am the chauffeur since she isn’t cleared to drive yet, but I do a little cooking and fetching/carrying too. It’s actually a pretty relaxing gig. I keep telling here that she is easier than just about any babysitting job I ever had.

And, oh, but the desert is doing it’s level best to charm me this week. I am not normally a desert sort of girl. The Art Director likes the dramatic, sweeping panoramas you get out here. But, whenever we play the where-we-would-live-if-the-stars-aligned-just-so-and-we-could-live-anywhere-we-wanted game, I always nix the Southwest on the grounds that I would have to bath in lotion and run sixteen humidifiers just to keep my skin from seceding from the union.

No, I generally like it green and wet, but even I have to admit that views like this have something to recommend them:

More or less what you see all around St. George. Photo lifted from this site because the Art Director is holding down the fort in Durham.

The skies have been impressively, perfectly azure practically everyday with adorable, little puffy clouds for contrast.

I was expecting a dusty, grey little town like the desert towns in California and Nevada that I am more familiar with, but St. George is more like something I would expect in New Mexico, all earth tones and pinks.  It’s rather nice, and I am enjoying the break from the cloying humidity we were getting before I left Durham.

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