The garden has been up to much since I last gave y’all an update.  For example, we have tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomatoes. David uploaded this photo on June 14th, so we have had tomatoes since about that time.

Our first tomatoes of the season

Our first tomatoes of the season: one perfect, one okay, and one rotten.

As usual, the sun gold tomato (front) won the race for the first ripe tomato of the year. I love sun golds.  They are a small but prolific cherry tomato, and the plants themselves are the hardiest variety I have yet to try in my garden.

The middle tomato was from a mature plant I picked up from the discount plant rack at Lowes. The tag called it a “rambling red” tomato, and , silly me, I assumed this meant it would produce red tomatoes. But, no, it produces small, stripey yellow tomatoes. You know, like the one in the picture.

The half rotten tomato was a German Johnson. Surprisingly, I was able to get one really good BLT out of that  tomato after it ripened on my kitchen counter.

German Johnson heirloom tomato

German Johnson

The next German Johnson was much nicer looking, and just as delicious. So far the German Johnson’s are leading in the most delicious tomato category, but we still have a few varieties that we haven’t even tasted yet.

We also have oodles of black cherry tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine.

Cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine.

Cherry tomato ripening on the vine.

Black cherry tomato.

They are largish for cherry tomatoes and very sweet and rich, not tart at all. I think the plant might be the largest one in the garden. Of course, the black cherries are growing in the bed in front of the house where everything is impressive and huge, so location may be a factor here.


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