To a better year…

Yesterday my sister informed me that I should really update my blog. So, since today is her birthday, here’s a blog update for my baby sister.

My sister is not having a good month, or maybe not a good year.  She had her left hip replaced just a few weeks ago, and, no, she is not my much, much older sister. She’s my little sister. Today is her twenty-sixth birthday.

You are supposed to say, “Happy Birthday!” (with the exclamation point) for every birthday, but quite frankly I don’t think that my sister is having a particularly happy birthday this year. She’s recovering from major surgery and pneumonia and mourning the loss of a beloved pet. Oh, and this year also brought her ulcers (from the pain medication for her hip) and kidney stones (said to be more painful than giving birth!).

Basically, I think the universe has just given her a big fuck you this year, and there’s no real point in pretending that today is a particularly happy birthday. Instead, I think I’ll raise a glass today to twenty-six treating her much more kindly than twenty-five ever did.

And, now a picture of a cabbage because I hope it will make her smile.

My little cabbage

Mon petit chou

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