Garden bounty

So, remember how I said I didn’t think it was possible to plant too much lettuce? Yeah, that was a lie. Or, rather it was a clear sign of my ignorance because, we are now drowning in lettuce. I was just about to type that you would just have to use your imagination, but it looks like The Art Director is much more effiecent than I thought, and has already uploaded a lettuce picture.

The source of our salad for the foreseeable future.

The source of our salad for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, we’ve been eating huge salads almost every night (except when we’ve been eating out, which we’ve been doing a lot lately for various reasons).  But, we cannot keep up, not even a little bit. Luckily, we have a neighbor who is happy to take our excess lettuce and spinach. So far she has brought us duck eggs, strawberries and truffles flavored with fresh ginger, which I am pretty sure means that we are winning.  I like salad, but I feel certain any child can tell you that eggs, strawberries and chocolate are way better than vegetables.

But! I really do like vegetables, so I am happy to report that we have other vegetables besides lettuce.  Broccoli for example:

Harvesting broccoli

Harvesting broccoli

Isn’t it pretty? I recently read in one of my gardening books that broccoli is tricky to grow. Do you like how I did that? Made it sound like I own a collection of gardening books? I own two, which technically makes it plural. Anyway, the garden book claimed that broccoli are finicky, so the fact that all of mine (all 4, that is) came out perfectly makes me feel accomplished. We shall ignore the part where the finickiness is mostly based on the weather.  Obvioulsy, I am just very good at growing broccoli.

Heads of broccoli ready to be harvested

Broccoli plants are pretty.

Sadly for the broccoli, it has served it’s purpose, and now it is getting uprooted to make way for peppers and squash.

And, we have peas! I love peas so this is very exciting to me. We actually had enough snow peas last night for two generous servings with dinner. This is saying something, since my preferred method of pea harvesting closely approximates the “one for the bucket, two for me” method.

Snow pea harvest.

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