Nemeses– Part 1

I have a new garden nemesis.

Cabbage White Butterfly

Cabbage White Butterfly. Photo by Jeffrey Pippen.

Isn’t it cute? I really wish we could be friends, but no. There is just no negotiating with this little fuck. Or, more specifically its catapiller.

Cabbage White Caterpillar

Even the caterpillar is kind of cute. Photo from Garden Wikia.

But, cute or not it is attempting to devastate my Brassica crops. The kale is taking the brunt of it, but the cabbage has been munched as well. The broccoli has a few holes in the foliage, but looks good so far.

A week ago my kale looked like this:

Close up in the kale.

Close up in the kale.

Perfect, tender and, most importantly, whole. Now it looks more like this:

Kale caterpillar damage.

David is out of town, so I lifted this photo off flicker, but it shows the damage that just a few of these caterpillars can do in no time at all.

I’m too squeamish to squish them (ick, jucy), but, I’ve been drowning the little buggers when I find them. David was a little bit horrified at first (possibly I seemed a little too gleeful in my extermination efforts). But, even he came around after I pointed out that the Cabbage Whites are an invasive agricultural pest accidentally imported from Europe. I promise not to drown any endangered native caterpillars or anything like that, even if they do try to eat my vegetables.

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