April garden

April as been kind to the ghetto garden. The plants are really starting to take off, with the happy effect of distracting from the less elegant elements of the garden.

Awhile ago, I prodded David into taking some garden update photos, and then I totally failed to actually do anything with them. Very bad form, don’t you think? Anyway, I thought I would post a few even though they are a bit out of date. Besides, David is out of town at the moment, and you do not want to see what my photography skills are like.

This was the garden two weeks ago.

Our garden on April 10

The garden on April 10

Everything is much bigger now, especially the peas in the back right of the photo. The sugar snap peas on the front trellis are up to the skinny bit where all the trellis stick are tied together, and all the varieties (snow, sugar snap, shelling) are putting out adorable little white flowers.

We could barely keep up with the lettuce before David headed out of town, and now I am drowning in the stuff. Luckily my neighbor is happy to take some off my hands. I would happily share just to get rid of the stuff, but as a bonus, she has been unloading extra eggs from her backyard ducks with me.

I will have to post about the ducks sometime. They are pretty cute, and their eggs are quite tasty. If I ever get into poultry, I am totally getting ducks.

Our vegetable garden in mid-April.

Broccoli and onions.

The broccoli continues to fascinate me. I had no idea that broccoli plants were so lush and pretty. The developing heads have the most elegant swirl of  blossoms, it’s almost fractal. Currently, they’re starting to looking a lot like the grocery store stuff, which I’m guessing means I should harvest it soon.

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