Lawn flowers

I have a weedy lawn.

Lawn flowers. Purple dead nettle. I think.

I can appreciate a really nice expanse of lush green lawn, but I’m just not convinced that it’s even possible to have a truly great lawn in North Carolina. The summers are too hot for the cool season grasses to be happy and the winters are too cold for the warm season varieties to stay green, and everything ends up looking kind of patchy and scraggly most of the year. Even at the Duke Gardens where they have teams of professional gardeners, the lawns are just not that awesome. And, on campus at Duke, anywhere people actually walk on the lawn the grass pretty much just gives up and dies.

Besides the bees and butterflies love my weedy lawn. There has been at least one bee around every time I’ve gone out to check on my garden. My vegetable garden has no flowers yet, but my lawn is positively teeming with them.

All of which is great justification for having a scraggly lawn, but the real truth is that I just don’t give a crap about having a perfect lawn. They are nice to look at, but, on the list of things I want to do with my time and money, lawn care ranks somewhere shortly after scrubbing the toilet and dealing with the mystery substances in my good tupperwear at the back of the fridge.

Besides, all those tiny, perfect flowers really are pretty.

Lawn flowers. Blue muscari.

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