The great seedling experiment of 2011–now with more nudity

Remember how I told you about my plans for my first foray into seed starting? No? Well, I did. Basically, I planned to move my seedlings outside every morning and inside every evening.

I really thought I would accidentally forget and abandon the seedlings to their fate, but not so. I have been an attentive seedling nurturer, and the seedlings are do great.

I even remembered to rescue them when a sudden thunderstorm threatened to drown them at 3am. I may or may not have neglected to put on clothing in my haste to retrieve them. The neighbors are still speaking to me, though, so that’s good.

Our seedlings have grown so much!

Our seedlings have grown so much!

The really interesting part for me has been comparing the seeds I started indoors to the seeds I started outside at the same time. The lettuce I started in the ground got off to a much slower start than the lettuce I germinated inside, but now it’s far more impressive. The indoor parsley, on the other hand is far more advanced than the direct seeded stuff.

I haven’t planted the cucumbers or basil yet, but when I do I think I may throw in a few seeds to see how they compete with the transplants.

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