Garden curiosities

First up we have purple broccoli.

Purple broccoli?

Purple broccoli?

I know that purple broccoli is a real thing. But, this one is from a  four-pack of “Waltham” broccoli that I bought at Lowes. Two of them look exactly like grocery store green broccoli, one looks just the slightest touch purple, and this one is really rather purple.  Is this a thing? Do some green broccoli look a bit purple as they mature? My googling has not really  shed any light on the matter.

Next up we have the compost tomatoes.

Tomatoes growing out of the compost bin.

Tomatoes growing out of the compost bin.

There is another one poking out of another vent too. I am going to leave them, of course, to see what happens. They are courteously growing out of the far side of the bin, and they actually aren’t all that much smaller than the carefully coddled seedling I’ve been buying at the Farmer’s Market. We’ll see if they manage to make tomatoes, or just get cooked in the hot compost.

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