Fresh start


The hedge of honeysuckle

The hedge of honeysuckle


The "hedge" of honeysuckle transformed!

The "hedge" of honeysuckle transformed into a new garden bed.

Isn’t that better? Plus, we mowed the lawn and the pink azelea in the background burst into flower between picture one and two, so things are looking quite nice out front right now.

That’s my new Texas scarlet flowering quince in the front of the after shot. It’s past it’s floral moment of glory for the year, but I really like the reddish foliage it has right now. I put it on the end of the bed nearest to the street in hopes that a nice thorny bush will discourage dogs from tromping around in the new bed. I like dogs, but I’d prefer if they stayed out of my flowers.

The blueberry bushes sort of blend in in this shot, but I promise they are there in all of their itty bitty awesomeness.

I mentioned before that I was thinking about putting in a few small fruit trees, but now I’ve decided to wait on that for cooler weather.  Instead, I’m going to plant some vegetables and lots more flowers to fill in the empty spaces in the bed this summer.

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