Catface lost yet another secret lair two weekends ago.

The hedge of honeysuckle

Kittys honeysuckle hideout.

At one point in the distant past this was probably a nice boxwood hedge, but, by the time I moved in, all but one of the bushes had been strangled by Japanese honeysuckle vines. We’ve been wanting to do something, anything, about this mess for awhile.

I’d been thinking about blueberry bushes, but hadn’t really made up my mind. I mean, I’d only spent a few hours obsessing about things like soil pH and pollination needs. I hadn’t even started in on figuring out what varieties  I might want to plant.

Why, yes, I am slightly insane and frequently paralyzed by indecision from all of the over thinking.

But, two weekends ago, I was at a local garden center when I decided that any kind of blueberries sounded better than a slumpy honeysuckle lump. And, the clock was ticking on the shrub planting season around here if the plants were going to have a chance to spread out their root system before the full bore heat of summer.

So, I grabbed three random healthy looking rabbiteye blueberry bushes (premier, brightwell and tif blue) and a Texas scarlet flowering quince, brought them home and declared that we had a New Project.

There is nothing that David loves more in the world than when I announce that we are embarking on a New Project. Loves it I tell you. But, he was a good sport and helped me pull honeysuckle vines and hack up the dead remains of the strangled boxwood hedge for several hours.

The remains of the honeysuckle

The remains of the honeysuckle after a couple afternoons of cutting and pulling.

The honeysuckle ate two frying pans!

Found in the hedge: the honeysuckle ate two frying pans!

We got about two-thirds of the way through the mess that day, and I manged to hack down the rest in hour increments over the course of the week. David got conscripted again on Saturday to help me pull up vine roots and dig up boxwood stumps. Luckily, honeysuckle seems to be pretty shallow rooted, but I don’t recommend pulling up hundreds of vines for a good time.

When we finished, I tilled up the dirt with my electric tiller (love that thing), and it looked downright garden bed-like.

The last of the honeysuckle is gone

The last of the honeysuckle is gone. Now we have a perfect view of a survey marker!

Sunday I laid out some brick pavers to edge the bed (still need to dig them in), and planted things. I am planing to plant more flowers and maybe a small tree or two to finish things off, but so far so good.

The neighbors seem to like it. Our street is very popular with people out walking dogs and babies and a few people have already commented on how much better the yard looks. So far only the cat is unhappy about the improvements.

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