Calm before

For awhile there the garden just didn’t need much attention.  The cool season crops where all in the ground, but mostly not yet ready for harvest. It was too early to plant the warm season crops and even the grass and weeds were growing very slowly.

We did manage to get in a few exciting (to us) harvests. I made kale for the first time from the one kale plant that overwintered from last year’s garden. It was surprisingly delicious sauteed in a bit of olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes and a dash of lemon juice.

We ate more salads with green onions and thinned out baby radishes. And, we partook of the the latest vogue in trendy gourmet cuisine, sauteed pea tendrils. I barely wilted them in a touch of toasted sesame oil with some thinly sliced garlic pieces. They were delicious, and I highly recommend trying this out if you ever need to thin your pea plants. Far more satisfying than tossing those cute little curls into the compost heap.

But, now the weather is warming up and it looks like we may be in the frost free clear for the year. The cool season crops are exploding (as are the weeds and grass), and it’s time to start thinking about planting warm season crops. The list of garden chores for the next few weeks is looking a little intimidating.

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