Of snow peas and trellises

Snow peas are sprouting!

Snow peas are sprouting! They'll need trellises of their own soon.

Today we were visited by a deluge of rain, so plans to work in the yard were shelved until tomorrow.  But on Saturday we found our peas trying to grow–this week we’ll built trellises for them.  And speaking of trellises, Elizabeth has a new plan to make the back of the house far more attractive than it ever has been: trellises for flowering vines.  We’re thinking of making them out of fallen wood, and anchoring them with rebar pounded into the ground.  We’re still deciding on two or three trellises, and how wide to make each one, but you can see the basic placement we’re thinking below:

Considering trellises on the back side of the house

Considering trellises on the back side of the house

More to come!

Updated by Elizabeth to add that I am specifically thinking about clematises for the trellises. The type of clematises that get pruned way back every year, so it wouldn’t really matter if the trellises need replacing in the immediate future. Either that or I may cheap out and just throw down some morning glory seeds. The soil in that area behind the house seems to be pure red clay, and it only gets a few hours of direct sunlight in the afternoon. I don’t want to buy a bunch of expensive plants (relative to seeds) just to find out that they aren’t up for these conditions. Thoughts welcome!

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2 Responses to Of snow peas and trellises

  1. You should definitely do clematis, my mother had it all over our porch when I was growing up and it’s beautiful! It’s also pretty hardy and comes in lots of different shades of purple (no comment, David!) If I remember correctly, the up-keep is pretty simple too.

    • David says:

      Well, your fetish for all things purple is well-known, but I think we both appreciate the encouragement all the same!!!

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