Weekend updates from the ghetto garden

Since the sun is setting around 6pm these days, there’s not much time for weekday gardening at the moment. Pretty much all the gardening going on here at the little white house is happening on the weekends. But, I am way too busy on the weekends to blog what I am actually up to. So, midweek updates it is.

And, the weekend, it was actually pretty productive on the vegetable garden front.  I built the last two beds that are happening this year. A narrow rectangular bed for pole beans where I had peas in bags last year, and a round bed for lettuce and cucumbers where the compost bin used to sit.

A view of the back yard

A view of the back yard on Saturday, 26 February 2011

As you can see, cheap still reigns supreme in the ghetto garden.  The new beds are edged with leftover landscape timbers and old firewood respectively. The cucumber tepee is made from cheap bamboo poles left over from last year’s garden. And, the stepping stones in that bed were relocated from the front yard when we planted bulbs around the mailbox.

The grass prevention efforts between the beds continues with saved up cardboard and leaves that we raked into the vague no man’s land in between our house and the neighbor’s last fall and left to languish there. Don’t worry there are plenty more where those came from, they just haven’t made the trip to the back garden yet.

On Saturday I hit up the farmer’s market, and I just couldn’t resist a six pack of lettuce seedlings. I planted lettuce seeds last week and they are starting to germinate, but they are in still in the itty-bitty seed leaf stage. The seedlings from the market are actually recognizable as having real lettuce leaves. I planted then in between the stepping stones in the round bed and threw in some mesclun mix seeds for good measure. I am convinced that I cannot possibly grow too much lettuce.  We eat so much salad, and the season for lettuces is apparently quite short here before it gets too hot.

I also grabbed a mint plant to occupy one of the “window boxes” that lives on my back deck (the other one has chives that over-wintered from last year).

Planting mint

Planting mint

It was  a biggish plant for a seedling, so pulled it apart into three pieces to spread around the rectangular planter. I have no idea if you are “supposed” to do that or not, but all I ever read about mint is how crazy invasive it is. In my experience invasive=hardy, so I went with it.  One of the divisions looked a bit wilty at first, but it perked up, and now they all seem to be quite happy with their new digs.

On Sunday I ran into Home Depot for some potting soil and mulch and came home with yet more plants. It’s a disease, people. I am powerless to stop it. I just couldn’t resist all those lush seedlings.

Anyway, I spotted a $2 four pack of “45 day” cabbage, and a moment of mental arithmetic later, I was sold.  If the cabbage can really produce in ~45 days, they will be ready for harvest at just about the time I can start planting my warm season plants. So the cabbage are currently occupying the squares that will be dedicated to peppers in mid-April.

And, now, a gratuitous photo of the one creature who knows all, yet tells nothing when it comes to the goings on of the yard.

Catface strolling by the kale

Catface strolling by the kale

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