The great seedling experiment of 2011

Space is at a premium in the little white house, and David doesn’t seem too keen on working in the uninsulated attic. So, I am getting creative with my seedling starting.  I’ve never started seedlings before, and I don’t own any growing lights.  This should go well, right?

But, I have a plan. It may or not be a good plan, but I’m running with it.

Basically, I am hoping to take advantage of the fact that I live in the South, and the weather is rather insanely warm during the day. Sure we are six weeks from our average last frost date, and tomorrow’s low is expected to be 31 F,  but Weather Underground is predicting a high of 81 F today.

So, my seeds are outside today soaking in the warmth, but I will bring them inside tonight before the temperature drops into the low 40’s tonight. They are going to hang out wherever it is warmest (inside or out) until they germinate, and then they will hang out outside in the sun as long at the temperatures aren’t too low.

Will this be annoying, constantly moving a tray of seedlings back and forth? Certainly. Will I forget and leave the poor little seedlings to languish in the dark, fry in the sun or freeze in the dead of night? Quite likely. Are the seedlings likely to be sad and leggy and far less appealing than the lush seedling spilling off the shelves of the big box stores? Very likely.

I will report back.

Planted February 27, 2011

  • 4  Cucumbers (Spacemaster, Botanical Interest)
  • 2 Edameme (Green Envy, Botanical Interests)
  • 4 Basil (Genovese, Botanical Interests)
  • 4 Parsley (Italian, Botanical Interests)
  • 4 Dill (Burpee organic)
  • 4 Tarragon (Ferry-Moore)
  • 3 Romain lettuce (Burpee)
  • 3 Buttercrunch lettuce (Botanical Interests)
  • 3 Mesclun mix (Botanical Interests)

I am starting out rather unambitiously because I am planning to go ahead and buy all of my tomato and pepper seedlings from the farmer’s market. I want just one plant of a whole bunch of different varieties, and a pack of seeds seems to cost about the same as a single seedling. I figure I might as well support the vendors at the farmer’s market. Plus, I don’t have to give over any precious counter (or table or floor) space to another tray of seedlings!

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