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Garden harvest

I am still recovering from the sick, but I thought I would real quick put up a picture of our first garden harvest.  The lettuce is from the seedlings I purchased at the farmer’s market.  None of the lettuce or … Continue reading

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Win some, lose some

Elizabeth posted about the sad state of affairs of the amaryllis.  At the moment it’s on its last leaves.  However, the formerly leaf-scorched Purple plum azalea that she got me for my birthday has gone through quite a change over … Continue reading

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I am sick, and so is my amaryllis. Maybe. That is my amaryllis might be sick, I am most certainly all grody and feverish.  I have spent the last two days intermittently  asleep, insisting that I am not that sick and … Continue reading

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A sleepy Catface

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No work, no kneading, what’s not to like?

Flour, salt, yeast, water, and time perseverance My third attempt at “No Knead Bread” yielded this beautiful, rustic boule. I’m in my third week of attempting to make good bread.  I’ve always enjoyed crusty bread, but I’ve never found the … Continue reading

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Gardening with Darwin

I think I have already mentioned my Darwinian approach to house plants on this blog. If you can’t survive a week of neglect, you don’t belong here. Only the strong survive at our house. Up until last weekend I was extending … Continue reading

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A little (more) whimsy

Three trellises for three different kinds of peas! Yesterday I posted that Elizabeth made a whimsical trellis for one of the varieties of peas she’s growing in our garden.  Today, while I was baking bread in the kitchen, she toiled … Continue reading

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