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Sad plants and happy days

Today is the Art Director’s birthday, so I bought him a sad plant.  OK, so I bought him a real present, but he hasn’t opened it yet, so I can’t tell the internet what I got him. But, I really … Continue reading

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Ghetto Vegetables-Or How to Plant a Bag Garden

I planted my peas yesterday.  They went into my ghetto bag garden. Have you seen this planting method before? Where the plants are planted directly in a bag of dirt? I tried it out last year after reading about the … Continue reading

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Walking along the garden bed

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Eat your peas

It seems that in the garden blogosphere tomatoes are considered the ultimate garden vegetable.  I get that, I really do. Tomatoes are so colorful and shiny. And, there certainly is no comparison between a vine rippened, home grown, heirloom tomato and … Continue reading

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Oooo, Shiny!

The other day I was out doing some spring clean-up, and I found these thingamabobs buried in some ivy in my front yard. I didn’t put them there, so they must have been buried for at least three years. I … Continue reading

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Saturday was grey and soggy, but we got outside on Sunday to plant our new bulbs. Planting the bulbs meant clearing out the bed directly in front of the house, which I have done exactly…never. Anyway, I raked  up the soggy … Continue reading

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Free Bulbs!

We scored some free flower bulbs this week from the Durham Bulb Blitz.  The Blitz is a program run by Keep Durham Beautiful.  They raffle off packages of donated flower bulbs to Durham residents every year. We scored big and … Continue reading

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