Ghetto gardening, an update

This was my garden last weekend:

Outdoor firepit!

Fire in the ghetto garden.

See how this photo makes it look as if my back yard is fairly flat? And, how it looks as though it goes waaay far back. Yeah, that’s a trick of perspective. The yard is actually small, sloped and wedge shaped.

But, there is plenty of room for my vegetable garden, even if I quite literally have to dig out the flat space with a shovel. I am tempted to let you believe that my passion for gardening is what led me to invest in all that labor and sweat (Oh, god, the sweat!). But, that would be a lie. I really did it in the hopes that flattening out my yard would make my basement stop flooding. Sorry.

And, look, we have one of those fancy (not at all ghetto) fire pits now. The fire pit was David’s birthday present that I couldn’t tell you about last week.  Apparently, he was “sceptical” at first blush until we burned some tree stump that had thwarted our drainage improvement efforts last year.

After that he gleefully lit fires for for three nights in a row. I swear that my hair still smells like smoke in spite of numerous washings. I am calling the present a success.

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