Back to your regularly scheduled program

Ok, ok, enough geeking out to charts and graphs. Back to pretty pictures of gardens and flowers. First up crocuses.

Blooming Crocuses

Crocus Blossoms

We have honest to god flowers in our yard this week. They must have been planted by some previous inhabitant of our house. I don’t remeber seeing them before, but I certainly didn’t plant them.

Technically we had crocuses last week, but, you guys, there is one thing you do not want to do at my house. Under no circumstances should you suggest to the Art Director that he could just “take a quick snapshot for the blog.” No, people, learn from my mistakes, and do not do this. Learn to wait patiently for the Art Director to do his thing, and you will be rewarded with both a lack of ranting about “button pushing” and “art,” and pretty pictures. It’s a win-win, people. Trust me on this one.

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