Sad plants and happy days

Sad Azalea

Sad Azalea

Today is the Art Director’s birthday, so I bought him a sad plant.  OK, so I bought him a real present, but he hasn’t opened it yet, so I can’t tell the internet what I got him.

But, I really did get him a sad, Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree type plant from the 50% markdown table at Lowes.  I felt bad because I rejected his desire to buy one last weekend (because they all look like death has taken their number). But, really, what kind of girlfriend rejects a man’s desire to buy a $3 plant so that he can nurture it back to health? Clearly only the very mean kind.

Thus, I came home from my errands yesterday not only with champaign, the ingredients for the world most decadent chocolate cake and a large hunk of blue cheese (which he loves), but also with a slightly crispy “purple plum azalea” for him to rescue.

If he pulls it off, we are going to end up with a yard full of marked down plants. Plan, shman. What’s on the reject table?

Happy Birthday, Baby!

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3 Responses to Sad plants and happy days

  1. I’ll bet half the plants in my yard came from the 50% off table. I start cruising the garden centers in early November waiting to pounce on markdowns. Great blog!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for the kind words, David. I would never have had the courage to buy sad looking plants if it weren’t for all the garden bloggers like yourself who write about the deals they rescue from the markdown tables.

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