Saturday was grey and soggy, but we got outside on Sunday to plant our new bulbs. Planting the bulbs meant clearing out the bed directly in front of the house, which I have done exactly…never.

Anyway, I raked  up the soggy leaf litter under the holly bush and the overgrown roses, and look what I found! Daffodils!

Daffodils rising up from the ground

Daffodils sprouts. Maybe.

I think they are daffodils, anyway, since I recall that there were a few randomly placed daffodils in that front bed the last two springs.  If all of these sprouts flower, though, there will be many more daffodils here than there were last year.  I guess they like it there.

A bulb nestled in it

A bulb nestled in it's new home.

At least there will be some flowers this spring. I’m not so convinced that our new bulbs are going to do well at all.  Most of them had already sprouted by the time we got them.  We planted them anyway of course, because, hi, free plants!

I also found some mint just starting to grow.  I hear it is a weed around here, but I am loath to pull it out because I love all things mint.  Mojito’s anyone?

And, speaking of culinary weeds.  I also discovered yesterday just how much chive is growing in my front lawn.  I reached down to pull up some “grass” growing through the mulch at the base of my hibiscus bush, and the chives came up bulbs and all.

I think there are least a few types of Allium growing in my grass because I can smell them when I mow the lawn, but I never realized just how many chives I had.  Right now you can see them springing up everywhere since they are growing happily while the grass is still pretty much dormant.

And, the chives I actually planted last year are sprouting in their window box container.  Surviving in that thing is no mean feat since it bakes in summer, floods in heavy rains and freezes solid in winter (unlike the ground around here).  I hope it’s not too late to divide them.  The soil in the box was frozen solid up until a few weeks ago, so I thought I had a bit more time.  Wrong again.

Bulbs arranged around the mailbox

Bulbs around the mailbox.

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