Free Bulbs!

We scored some free flower bulbs this week from the Durham Bulb Blitz.  The Blitz is a program run by Keep Durham Beautiful.  They raffle off packages of donated flower bulbs to Durham residents every year.

Bulb Blitz!

Bulbs from the 2011 Bult Blitz sponsored by Keep Durham Beautiful

We scored big and came home with:

  • 5 purple alliums
  • 10 purple prince tulips
  • 10 couleur cardinal tulips
  • 10 sun disk narcissus
  • 30 ruby giant crocus
  • 30 chionodoxa
  • 55 musari

They came with instructions to plant them as soon as possible, so we’re going to plant them this weekend. I’m certainly no expert on anything garden related, but I always thought that bulbs were supposed to be planted in the fall. Guess we’ll find out if you can plant them in February around here.

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