Bush Cat

We finally put up a proper header for this blog, and the photo is cracking me up to no end. Don’t you want to come over and pet our soft, fluffy kitty? Isn’t she adorable?

Catface along the back fence

Catface along the back fence

You see that green stuff she’s standing in. Yeah, that’s the giant clump of honeysuckle trying to take over my backyard.  When I moved in it was a well behaved vine climbing over the back fence.  Then the neighbors cut off the bits on their side and the whole thing just sort of slumped over onto my side of the fence.

Figuring out what the crap to do with the giant, slumpy bush/vine is on my list for this spring.  I feel like I should probably just take it out completely since I am told that honeysuckle is very invasive around here.  I’ve always liked the stuff, though.  My dad grew it at the house I grew up in, and I love the way it perfumes the yard on summer evenings.

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