Adventures in pruning

This is the bush that inspired this blog:

Holly bush

Holly bush

I really wish I had a before picture, but it never really occurred to me to take a picture of the hideousness that was this bush before I pruned it.  Beacuse y’all it was not good.  When I moved into this house 2+ years ago it was very, very square.  A little rectangle perched on top of a nasty tangle of stems.  And then, I let it grow because what the fuck did I know about pruning holly bushes.  I am from LA, you guys. There is no holly in LA.

Holly leaves

Holly leaves

Also, I am slightly disturbed by perfectly squared off plants.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  So, I was letting it “grow out” to be less square. Or, so I told myself.

Oh, we hacked at it occasionally, but it never seemed to be any real improvement. But not this time. This time I set out to cut that fucker back. And, I am shockingly pleased by the results.

I like the way that the remaining stems twine around off to one side of center. And, the the foliage is neither square nor trying to eat the front of my house. It feels sort of cool and sculptural to me. Hopefully I didn’t kill it.

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One Response to Adventures in pruning

  1. Jackie says:

    It’s beautiful! I have two of them and they are monsters!! One is over 6′ high! You have given me hope!! Thanks so much!!

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