In progress

If you know me in real life you are probably laughing at the idea that I would write a “home and garden” blog.  I am messy and clumsy and I can’t coordinate colors to save my life.

But, I am a woman of many small obsessions. And, I like my hobbies and projects on the practical side, so they tend to be home and gardenish type things. I taught myself to cook and bake and knit and sew.  I bought my little white house a few years ago, and, after that, I learned to strip paint install ceiling fans and build retaining walls.

This year’s obsession, though, is going to be gardening. And, this blog is a place to document my adventures in the yard and the house. Basically, if I don’t write it down somewhere I will never ever remember what I planted where or when.

Of course, I thought about buying a nice journal and writing about my yard there.  It would be much simpler.  But, I really love blogs. I read all sorts of blogs, and  I rely on them for all sorts of inspiration, so why not to throw my little projects out there too?

But mainly I am hoping that someone with much better taste will stumble on this blog and give me some much needed advice.

Welcome to my blog, and, for fuck sake, please tell me what the hell I am supposed to be doing here!

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