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Bush Cat

We finally put up a proper header for this blog, and the photo is cracking me up to no end. Don’t you want to come over and pet our soft, fluffy kitty? Isn’t she adorable? You see that green stuff … Continue reading

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My seeds finally arrived this week!  (They didn’t actually take that long, but I am deeply spoiled by free, fast shipping.)  Obviously, I can’t really plant anything for awhile, but I am delighted to have my seeds already. And, look … Continue reading

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Adventures in pruning

This is the bush that inspired this blog: I really wish I had a before picture, but it never really occurred to me to take a picture of the hideousness that was this bush before I pruned it.  Beacuse y’all it was … Continue reading

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In progress

If you know me in real life you are probably laughing at the idea that I would write a “home and garden” blog.  I am messy and clumsy and I can’t coordinate colors to save my life. But, I am … Continue reading

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